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I'm not crazy, i'm just a little unwell
Alis Volat Propiis
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If you could change one thing about yourself, except for looks, what would it be?

I wish I didn't procrastinate so damn much! Case in point, me updating this journal. Oops.
13th-Jul-2010 11:41 pm - Writer's Block: Too mainstream
my dishonest heart
If you've been following a relatively obscure band and they start to become popular, do you tend to lose interest at some point? Is mainstream appeal a turn off when it comes to music?

No, but when the radio starts playing the song every 10 minutes, THAT is when it gets annoying.
9th-Jun-2010 01:56 pm - Harumph
fail CC
I finally have internet, because I'm in Florida at my mom's house. WOO. Everything is... perfect. Even after I told her i was gay (like a month ago????), she's... I dunno, I'm happy. I totally gayed her up last night, she saw two girls kiss on Pretty Little Liars and then we watched UCLA softball :). It's goin well.

Her new house is AMAZING. To say the least. And I'll have pics up in a few more weeks. I'm headed to LA next tuesday night for my Bday, and even though I had amazing/fabulous/ridiculous bday plans (the 19th of june) with my sister (Kimmy, if you didn't know, and if you don't know who that is, don't worry too much about it LOL), they fell through... so I'll probably just drink a lot and sleep on the beach. Happy 20th bday to me... not. I can't help but be disappointed. I was super excited, but thus is my life. And I owe it to her to be understanding. So I'm going to live it up here, and try to make new plans in LA. Des comes to FL on Sunday, and I'm excited for that! Those of you who know what's up with that, please spare me.

That's all for now. I miss all you guys :(. I'll try to keep this shit up more. ALSO IF you didn't know (and you have twitter), I have a "secret" account. Neither Crystal or Kimmy follows, so I speak my damn mind.

AlsoAlso, My phone SHIT itself a few weeks back, so if you have my number (and haven't already) please text me.

Love you guys!
26th-Apr-2010 01:27 pm - GUYYSSSSSSS
my dishonest heart
I came out to my mom this morning! AND she is fine with it. Nearly had a fucking heart attack in the mean time. Wow, I still haven't digested.
The girl that I like earlier told me she had a surprise. Recently she told me what it was: She's in NYC and will be in NJ tomorrow and wants to see me. :)
The problem? Because school was closed, and everything associated with it, i didn't get my paycheck. And i have 1/4 tank of gas. This is a minor problem, because she'll be about an hour & a half away. OH, did i mention i have exactly $2.48 cents in my account? No? Oh, well I do.

This totally would happen to me :( I have a $30.00 check not yet cashed, but i'm not sure if it's still valid. I'm going to Chase tomorrow to see, and praying that it is. Damn. That would fill my tank and i could be a happy little Katie.

Pray? Pweez?

I wish i could flyyyyyyyyyyy.


On another note, the scene today between Keski Lay and CC was absolutely horrifying, but jesus fucking christ if Nadia Bjorlin isn't the prettiest chick on Venice. Seriously, I'm smitten now :) A new fave!

(good god, I really do have a type)


Third day of my 5 day weekend is almost over... Hello Snowpocalypse #4.


Countdown to spring break: 6 days, 12 ish hours.
22nd-Feb-2010 01:28 am - Independence Day O_o
Bitch Slap
I a so pissed! Last night i didn't go to bed until 6:30AM and now? not tired. 1:12. Seriously? My insomnia is keeping me up and then fucking up my schedule.

Maybe i'll just look at....

So much pretty♥
Plus, Nadia really could teach... anyone.. how to kiss. hot damn.

Well, at least housing is settled. ugh. Maybe I'll just do my paper(s)? Something. I'm going insane, and it's not the good kind.
18th-Feb-2010 01:08 am(no subject)
Venice Beach
I made a formspring. GO and ask me anything you'd like!

16th-Feb-2010 11:22 pm - I'm BORED
Venice Beach
Listening to new George Winston stuff and being content.
Today was so tiring, up at 7 and not back into my dorm till 9:30. HELLO. O_O.

Valentines day was just another Sunday, thank god. Cort came over and we watched disgusting movies. Then of course when she left I popped in Moulin Rouge (Thanks kaitlyn :):)). She likes me. I have it on very good authoritay. IDK. Shes not my type. Shes just a good friend! Why can't it stay that way? My sis said to just let it disintegrate naturally, but IDK if that's gonna happen :(
Why the hell do girls like me?
Or, actually why the hell are the girls that like me the ones I don't like??? (like that)
And the one i do like confuses the hell out of me. I wish for mind reading powers.

*sigh* Just been living life. One day at a time, aka slow as fucking hell. The past has really come back to haunt me recently and i dunno why. Nothing specific happening regarding triggers or dates just... UGH.

The masochist in me is also quite happy, I've been watching Guiding Light as of late. Like, 06/07/08 GL. God fucking damnit I miss this show :(. I'm a nerd, I know.

I'm going to Florida for spring break march 5th. I'm actually excited for this. Haven't seen mom for about a month and i miss her. We're getting along a lot better than before. When of course she's not trying to completely run my life. She does this rarely now, which I'm grateful for.

That's about it, actually. For now.
Well, this was random.
13th-Feb-2010 07:06 pm - Uno Mas
My interests..... this was pretty interesting O_o

My Interests Collage!Collapse )
13th-Feb-2010 06:39 pm - So...
Venice Beach
I have some icons i made, from many many different things... that i never posted. FAIL, I know. Some i LOVE, some i don't, but here is a big SHIT of an icon post.

If you like them, or want some? just tell me. kthxbai.

What? i need text here? FU.Collapse )
13th-Feb-2010 03:01 am(no subject)
glasses of justice
Totally jacked this from Kaitlyn. BYAH
Pictures of my life! Best and the WorstCollapse )
8th-Feb-2010 10:50 pm - This is the fucking best

I love chris meloni and mariska hargitay
6th-Feb-2010 11:40 am - Writer's Block: Educated guess
fail CC
How has your education prepared you for your current or intended career? Do you wish you had taken a different path academically? Would you consider transferring or going back to school?

I should have gone to John Jay, but it's ok. I won't learn anything from class anyway. Haha. All of it will be academy stuff.
5th-Feb-2010 07:56 pm(no subject)
glasses of justice
Best news everrrrr?


If only it was true. Apparently Neal Baer says its not, however they're getting a new ADA. I think it's time for me to break up with SVU for serious this time. If they get rid of Steph? I'm done.
my dishonest heart
Stole this from kaitlyn_lehman love ya bish.
obviously i have nothing better to do on a monday night that go searching through my music library. I now have 28,298 songs, for those of you keeping track.

CLICK HERE for epic music memeCollapse )
27th-Jan-2010 12:51 am - Dum Dum
my dishonest heart
WOW. This is supremely overdue. Maybe I should catch you all up as to my happenings and school schedule?

The most misleading assumptions are the ones you don't even know you're making.Collapse )
23rd-Nov-2009 01:47 pm - My Choices for PCA
glasses of justice
VOTE! And please don't vote for twilight. :P

This is my choice for:
Favorite Comedy Movie
The Hangover
This is my choice for:
Favorite Movie
The Hangover

More!Collapse )
19th-Nov-2009 06:47 pm(no subject)
my dishonest heart
Apparently there is this thing called the "west coast" I've never heard of.....

visited 24 states (48%)
Create your own visited map of The United States
19th-Nov-2009 06:29 pm - Shenanigans.
glasses of justice
So, here is my life at this moment. Boring, but what can i do? Haha.

~ I'm going to maryland this weekend with my football team. Unfortunately I sprained my finger, we'll see how this goes. They were practicing me at QB and reciever, and I'll no doubt have to play offense and defense in all the games (lack of girls).

~ Changed my twitter name as a joke, and someone STOLE my other name and continued to mock me and pretend to be me, even going as far to steal a picture I posted and use it(when did i get so popular??????).

~ Was consistently mocked on a hate board (you don't even want to know).

~ Saw my friend Abigail (tweedleleet on twitter). She was in LA for the past month helping the girls film Venice, so i missed her! haha. Then that night drank with some other girls from NY in this bar, got free shots of patron (win!) and schooled in pool.

~ Speaking of Venice, this beautiful promo was released (EEEEK!!!!)

Venice The Series - Season One - Teaser from Venice The Series on Vimeo.

~ OH, can i please talk for a second about the HOTNESS that is Alexandra Cabot and the FUCKERY of the nonexistent character development? Yeah. Pissed is not an accurate word. GET WITH THE PROGRAM PEOPLE! I'm pretty sure the fact that her ep that was the highest rating of all season so far (correct me if I'm mistaken) SHOWS people are not watching SVU for Benson/Stabler. At least the sane ones aren't. Whatever.

That may or may not be everything, I feel like I'm leaving something out. Hmm. Oh well. Gotta get ready for Maryland. Then of course next week/end is thanksgiving and then I come back and not even a full week later I fly out to LA (then of course drive to Vegas :)) This is gonna get interesting.
19th-Nov-2009 05:41 pm - Writer's Block: First Things First
fail CC
What’s the first thing you do when you log into your computer everyday?

I'm such a fucking Twitter addict- so #1. Log into tweetdeck. #2. Open itunes. Every time.
12th-Nov-2009 04:32 pm(no subject)
LEGIT laughing my ass off. The teacher's comments are the BEST!

9th-Nov-2009 11:28 pm - Writer's Block: Instant attraction
my dishonest heart
Do you think romantic chemistry is instant or evolving? Have you ever given someone a second (or third) chance and lived to regret it? Have you ever fallen in love with someone you didn't particularly like or desire at first?

I think sexual chemistry is very instant. Any other chemistry comes after the initial attraction.

Unfortunately i'm a bit shallow so if i don't really have an initial attraction there is no second chance. I'm so lame. but seriously for some reason attraction is something i need for a relationship.

Ugh i hate typing that.
8th-Nov-2009 01:23 pm - WHY
Why is Crystal Chappell so FUCKING HOT? She's (almost) my mother's age... and yet... I'll let these speak for themselves.


Fuck my life?Collapse )
5th-Nov-2009 06:05 pm - Writer's Block: Staying In-the-Know
How do you use the Internet to stay informed about the things that matter to you?

Twitter is actually a great resource for this.
24th-Oct-2009 01:08 pm - Little Bitty Update
my dishonest heart
So, hello! I'm sitting here watching the buckeyes play Minn... They should be winning more but... whatever. My life is really not that interesting in college. LOL. I've been really busy... but not with school! Meeting crazy awesome people, seeing some cool people i've already met..(Elisa!).. but yeah that's really about it. My schedule for the next like month and a half is RIDICULOUS. Every weekend there is something... not that i have a problem with that!!!

For Halloween i'm going to Florida. (so, next weekend)
The two weekends after that are reserved for possibly a launch party and possibly stockton (to play football w/ my team).
Then the 20th I get to go to Maryland (again) to play football.
The next week/end is Thanksgiving
The weekend after THAT i'm going to Las Vegas!
That next weekend I'm *tentatively* going in to NYC with peeps to party/christmas party thing :)

That weekend is Dec 11th, so.. yeah i'm busy. Awesome busy... but then i have to add my school work onto that and i'm O_o.

That's about it. Im hungry so i'm gonna eat cold pzza. Probably hit the grocery store later... even though it's homecoming... whatever. :) OH but the filming for Venice is starting today :):) My Sis is ridic excited. seriously bouncing like a 5 year old on crack.... it's hilarious.
And now i G2G!
Chat 'all later!

my dishonest heart
Today I was thinking, shouldn’t I be catching up with things I've so easily dropped? This blog for example, an unfinished tale of nothing. Not that it will ever be finished since it has no beginning and no foreseeable end, but I digress, I cannot just leave it open and floating in space, so here we go.

Since the last time I updated [so very long ago] I have found a huge “fandom” in the recently ended Guiding Light. Let me just share exactly how this wonderful show has affected me. Finding it through a friend, I was so against soap operas. Not really against actually more like, I thought it a waste of time, but oh how I was wrong. I will get so much shit for this, which is fine, but I totally fell in love with this soap. Let me back up. What originally drew me to it was the storyline of Otalia. Oalia, if you don’t know is technically a couple, Olivia and Natalia. To me, it is more than that. This was a beautifully told and brilliantly acted story of two women, two OPPONENTS, finding friendship and eventually love with each other. In their process of figuring out their feelings, I figured out mine. For the show, of course. Let me just say here that I KNOW it’s a soap opera. I realize some people on soap operas cannot act, or over act, but let me just say definitively, right now, that Crystal Chappell CAN act, and she did, every week. Sure the production model was ghetto, but hey, it kept GL on the air, and gave birth to Otalia. Back to that.

I don’t really broadcast it, but I am a sickly sweet romantic person. I don’t think I’m ever going to find another to share that with me, but I’m totally fine being alone. It’s easy and it’s fun, and I can do pretty much whatever I want… but watching these two portray their characters and do it so well was just fantastic for me. As a young [really young D:] lesbian, life really isn’t that easy. To be honest things never look that good for us for the future, and unless you can social network online [like this site, or twitter or what have you] and find some support. I really don’t feel like that’s going to change any time soon, so getting to know the people of this fandom, chatting with them on twitter, and meeting them has been an immense pleasure. I know that I’ve seriously bonded over this pairing and that I have a support system if I ever need help with anything, or just hugs if something goes wrong. This group of people is sincerely amazing, and without the show I would not know any of them. For that Guiding Light, I Owe You One.

Now onto something else GL has introduced me to, Venice. Venice is not a location [ok, well it is technically] but it’s a new web series created by, whom I call on twitter the three musketeasers, Crystal Chappell, Kim Turrisi, and Hope Royaltey. These women are basically the trifecta of power. They have been interviewed on CNN & CBS, and have had way too many written interviews to even count.

{although, mindschmootz does the best.}
Here is the CC interview
Kimmy and Hope one

This new webseries has so much potential, and I believe Kimmy [the writer] has put all of her heart and soul into this project. Venice debuts in November, but please join the insanity on www.venicetheseries.com. Hope and Kim are both members of their brilliant online community [created by the web mastermind Hope], and they are both very friendly and eager to answer questions.

As one last shameless plug for Venice, here are videos that the Teasers shot while in New York a while back and have slowly been releasing…. Follow them on Youtube for updates!
Part 1
Part 2

Also, become a fan of Venice the Series on Facebook!!!

Now, I understand I have said very little, but very much so I’ll wrap it up with what I did this summer, list form.

· Twitter & GL

· Spent time in the Bahamas for my birthday

· Spent time in Florida, NJ, Ohio, Texas, and drove through the hellish Pennsylvania.

· Now back at school.

Seriously, that is it. I promise to update more often, thank you for reading and seriously,check out Venice!!!!
30th-Jul-2009 01:00 am - Crystal Chappell kills me.
my dishonest heart
Buy seriously. Just making these icons... *shiver*
Cut my hair!!! haha. sorry i'm never here... literally twitter has taken over my life.

not blonde enough yet... but getting there. it's a process.

in other news barr broke up with her girlfriend. O_O yeah.


why did i leave NJ?
my dishonest heart
Who is your favorite lady detective from movies, books, or TV?

5th-Jul-2009 11:40 pm - Writer's Block: Listen to This
my dishonest heart
If a friend asked you for some new music recommendations, what would you suggest?

Actually I'm making a huge playlist for someone right now. I'll post the link when i'm done with it ;)

Sorry i've been a bad LJ'er! I have pics to post from FL, the Bahamas, and Texas. Get around to it sooner that later *please god* lol.

For now, new layout coming up!
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