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I'm not crazy, i'm just a little unwell
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I flipped the cards over and saw two hearts
I shuffled them again and said “I don’t deal with love"

This is meee

21 years, majoring in criminal justice. i love to play sports and on rainy days [some sunny ones too!]i'll spend all day in barnes and noble, i love to read. i love to paint, i love to draw.. totally addicted to twitter, seriously. i like to sing but i don't sing in front of people. i love quotes-they inspire me only almost as much as music, i wish i could be a hippie<3, i'm a vegetarian, i have four tattoos and if you're lucky you'll get to see them, i'm a yankees fan-a jets fan-and a buckeye fan, i'll kick your ass in a second if you hurt someone i care about but i'm a lover, i'm a dreamer. i do yoga, i love law and order SVU. so much in fact i want olivia's job.
if you don't see me with a smile on my face something is seriously wrong.... New York City is my favorite place in the world. and if you want to know any more, ask me yourself.

Can you avenge evil without becoming it?


We thought we could be decent men in an indecent time... but we were wrong! The world is cruel. And the only morality in a cruel world is chance.


You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.


There's no time in life to judge,
only time enough for love.
so as another night slips by,
let us dance beneath the sky.


The truth is, everybody changes everyday. And some things are more devastating than others, but we never are the same. There are two ways to deal with these changes: you either accept them, or fight them like hell all the way.

These girls kill me :)

A/O <3

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